Size / Shape


Stand out in a sea of choices

With metal containers more than any other type of packaging, the size and shape of a can has a direct and powerful appeal to different consumer markets.? A trip through any grocery store reveals the amazing variety of beverage and food cans available today - short, tall, wide or thin - all tailored for specific products and markets.

Throughout its long history, Stolle has developed many of the technologies to produce the wide variety of can types, sizes and shapes required by fillers, with the speed and production efficiencies demanded by canmakers.? Stolle Bodymakers can be tailored to produce all the popular sizes of DWI beverage cans, from small single-serving cans to mega 24 oz cans.? Stolle Draw-Redraw systems produce all types of food cans, from round soup cans to rectangular luncheon meat and shallow sardine cans.? Furthermore, the consumer appeal of any size or shape of can body is multiplied when it’s paired with a Stolle easy-open beverage end or full-open food end.